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  • To collaborate with stakeholders in our school district to find common ground and equitable solutions.
  • To listen to you and be open in communicating decisions that affect our children.
  • To work hard to ensure all students have access to a well-rounded, quality education that propels them toward successful lives in our community.


Grant Sorrell offers the dedicated and energetic new leadership voters want on the Omaha School Board. As a parent, he knows the importance of preparing students for a lifetime of success. 

An experienced community leader, Grant will provide a new brand of bold leadership that brings people together to find the best results for our schools and for Omaha.

About Grant

Grant Sorrell is entering the race for School Board in midtown’s Omaha Public Schools Subdistrict 7 with an eye to the future and robust family history of service to the community.

A proud single father to his son Silas, Grant is committed to supporting schools that prepare young people for a secure, productive and prosperous life. A life-long resident of Omaha, Grant is the son of John and Kerri Sorrell – a community banker and a retired early childhood educator respectively – and the grandson of Dr. Michael F. Sorrell, a renowned physician at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Shirley Sorrell. His passion for public service developed at a young age watching his parents and grandparents serve the Omaha community and dedicate their careers to helping improve the lives of their neighbors. His late great-grandfather, Frank Sorrell, was a two-term State Legislator and twice Democratic nominee for Governor of Nebraska.

“Strong communities foster strong public schools, and strong schools create a vibrant city.”

Before age 23, Grant earned both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. He has since worked in the nonprofit sector and is currently employed at the United Way of the Midlands, where he helps raise upwards of $18 million dollars a year for reinvestment into agencies and programs across Omaha that help our most vulnerable citizens.

As a parent of a future student in the Omaha Public Schools, Grant understands first-hand the importance of deciding where to send a child to school and how imperative it is to have a School District that advocates for every student. His unique perspective prepares him to lead from day one when elected to the School Board.

Grant has built his career collaborating and communicating with community partners to improve the lives of residents in Omaha. He understands that strong communities foster strong public schools, and strong schools create a vibrant city. He knows firsthand the transformative gift an education can provide, and believes Omaha’s greatest potential can be found in the 53,000 students enrolled in the Omaha Public Schools.

Grant believes we must do everything in our ability to ensure all students are provided an equal chance to live successful lives. Through expanding career exploration for each student at an early age, encouraging dual language programs across the District, and hiring, equipping and inspiring quality teachers, Grant believes the brightest days for OPS are yet to come!

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Subdistrict 7

Grant is running to represent you and your neighbors in Aksarben, Midtown, Field Club, Blackstone, Morton Meadows, and Hanscom Park on the Omaha School Board.

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